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Welcome to my Information Technology (IT) blog. My name is Bee and I am currently studying in Grade 10B at KIS International School.

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Unit 3 – Awareness Campaign (Bangkok Parks)

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In this unit, our AOI focus were Community and Service, and our unit question was How can computer technologies be used to present solutions to real-world community problems?

We started this unit off by working on the problem statement as a small group. My problem statement was: How can we use computer technologies to resolve current community issues in Bangkok?. I then did a brainstorm about Queen Sirikit and did research on important elements of parks as well as plants and flowers. We then have to create our own 3 park designs with features that apply to the area the park is based at. I chose an area at Sukhumvit, near Paragon shopping centre:

After completing all three designs, we have to choose one and create a model in Sketchup based on the design. I worked on my model bit by bit, both at home and in class. It was quite challenging because the last time I used Sketchup was in Grade 7 for one of the units in Math class. Here are screenshots of my final model:

I think my final product had definitely reached my goal and specifications for this unit. I finished my model on time, and I was able to add and create all elements and parts of my design into the actual model. My design specifications all applied to my model, which were:

  • The design must include at least 3 types of Thai flowers
  • The design must include at least 3 types of Thai trees
  • The trees included int he design must be from at least 3 different provinces in Thailand
  • The design must include a pond or pool
  • There should be small signs within the model
  • There must be an area for toilets/restrooms in the design
Parks are an important element in towns and cities. Parks are an important place that strengthens communities and provides citizens with a place to become physically active. Parks can also be used to help preserve certain plants, wildlife and biodiversity in the area. Parks is an area for leisure, a place for people to socialize and hang out. As a benefit, it helps improve the country’s economy by becoming a tourist attraction and help raise property value near or adjacent to the park. Parks can also be considered an area that provides educational opportunities for visitors. Field trips can be made to visit parks and learn more about the area’s natural and cultural exhibits and displays. Overall, parks provide lots of benefits for the community and help improve people quality of life. These qualities are encouraged in the Area of Interaction Community and Service, and therefore this unit definitely relates to the AOI.
Lastly, I felt that this unit had made me more of a Risk Taker. As mentioned earlier, the last time I used Sketchup was in Grade 7. It was quite challenging at first to get used to the different features and tools in the program. I wouldn’t have chosen to use Sketchup to create my product at all otherwise. My final product also made me more of a Reflective person. After I was done with the model, I thought about what Bangkok could be like if there were more parks. Through research I was able to learn about the significance and roles of parks to an area, and was more aware of it’s importance.

Unit 2 – Software Solutions

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Our second unit for this academic year is Software Solutions. We are assigned to study into the purposes of tutorials, and create one tutorial using softwares, programs or materials that are available in the school computer or Web 2.0 tools. I chose to do a tutorial on How To Install Fonts using Font Book in the Mac OSX. As for the type of product, earlier in the Investigation stage I listed a couple of brainstorm lists and came to a conclusion of a Prezi presentation.

Click here to view my prezi presentation

This is my second time creating an prezi presentation and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. To create my presentation I created three storyboard designs during the Design stage and chose the ones I liked best and applied best to my design specifications. My design specifications for this unit are:

“•The prezi should include step by step instructions with photos that corresponds with every instruction.

• There must be at least 5 step by step/how-to instructions in the prezi.

• There must be a brief introduction to the software/materials required to insert fonts using Font Book.

• At the end of the prezi there must be a warning or some type of precaution about adding fonts using Font Book.

• All three prezi designs must be evaluated against the design specifications”

The design I chose for this unit is design three. My final product is slightly different than what I had initially planned in my design; on the introduction slide of my prezi presentation, in my design I wanted it to be in a white color, but during the process of creating it I changed it so that the background is a group of colored paper instead. Other than that, my product is exactly the same as I planned in my storyboard. Before learning this unit I had knowledge of how to create tutorials, but through this unit I was able to learn and reflect more about its uses and the consequences that comes with it, thus made me more Open Minded.

This unit relates to the AOI Community and Service because nowadays technology are becoming even more advanced than before and is constantly improving every day. New technology and things are constantly being introduced in society. Along with those new things, many people have to learn and improve together with the new technology  in order to use them properly. A way to do so is through an tutorial.  From this, I had learned that even though tutorials may seem a small method, but if it is used by just one person, it can already make a change within the KIS community. Overall, this unit is yet another unit that taught me something new, and I am very pleased with how my product turned out.

Unit 1 – What Adults Don’t Know About Social Media

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Our first unit for academic year 2012-2013 is “What Adults Don’t Understand about Social Media”. By the end of this unit we should have a product created by digital technology that helps adults understand the importance of social media and the impact it has on our lives, specifically teenagers lives. The AOI we are focusing on this unit is Health and Social Education on How do I think and act, and our unit question is: How can I help adults and others understand the importance of Social Media and the impact it has, and focusing on three concepts; values, communication and responsibility. For my product, I decided to create a stop-motion animation about Social Media from Thailand/Thai Social Medias.

For my animation I decided to do a stop-motion animation. I have done stop-motion animation once last year on the Movie-making unit, and wanted to do it again this year. To create my animation I started by outlining the storyboard and preparing the materials required. In the final animation I presented information and photos of social medias from Thailand, using paper cut-out pieces. I watched a few professional stop-motion animations, for example: The Seed and applied some of their techniques in my animation, for example, the screen changing transition. To make the animation even more interesting, I added an upbeat and fast melody song.

Click here to view my stop-motion animation

Throughout this unit, I have learned more about social medias in terms of its significance in our community and how it can connect people across the globe. Along with that I learned more about the different types of transitions we can use for stop-motion animation.  To me, social medias definitely have a strong connection to the AOI Health and Social Education. Social medias would not exist if people and communities don’t use it. Thus, the name “Social Media”. Social media depends on local and global citizens. Social medias help people communicate; they can build relationship, share information, and collaborate. I think it is important to use them correctly, and to educate each other about its effects. The effects social media can have can also affect our health and safety. If one use social medias incorrectly, for example, displaying very personal information online, it could put them in harm. To solve this or to prevent this problem from happening, it is important to be educated about social medias, which is one of the things we are doing in this unit. One of the elements of Health and Social Education is having responsibility for our own as well as others wellbeing, meaning their physical and social environment, as well as others. Social media is definitely a part of teenagers lives that have affect on those things.

Overall, I am happy with my final product, but as always, there is room for improvement. In some shots in the animation, the camera angle is slightly crooked to the side. This bothers me quite a bit, and I would like to re-take the photos for the stop-motion animation if I could.