Bee’s Learning Portfolio


Hello there, and welcome to my Learning Portfolio for academic year 2012-13. My name is Bee (Nattanopthorn Buachoom) and is currently studying in Grade10B at KIS International School.

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Residential Field Trip Reflection

From February 4th to 8th 2013, the grade 10 students along with staffs and teachers took a trip to Khao Lak. For the first two days we did the majority of the work and activities in the jungle whilst we did community and service work on the last two days. For the third day of the trip we can choose from the 3 community and service activities: painting floor tiles, teaching English and making lemon grass tea (farming) at Yaowawit school. I chose to do lemon grass tea as it is something that I am most interested in. The activity begins with slicing the lemon grass into thin pieces before roasting it until the herb is dry. Once dry, the pieces will be packaged and sold. From the activity I have learned how the workers, members and volunteers of the Yaowawit school adapted and reused the resources they have to create a product that can be sold to create profit to support the expenses of the school. The instructor there also taught me local  information on how we can plant lemon grass using the base stem of the herb. Compared to the rest two activities we can choose from, this activity may seem the easiest, but I was glad I choose to do this activity, because the lemon grass tea we had made will later be sold outside the community. From this activity, I got to contribute something to the community as well as had fun.

The second community and service activity I choose to do was digging and construction at Chao Thai Mai School. Initially we were supposed to help dig the school area, however when we got there it appeared that the schools’ staff have done the majority of the digging. On that day we helped move large cement bricks, dirt/sand and mix cement. The task may seem easy but it was quite tough. The best part of the day for me was the fact that I get to play with the students at the school. This trip was my first time doing actual community and service, and it was very memorable for me. It was also interesting to visit a place that is quite different from where I live. Overall, the trip was very memorable and fun!

Personal Project Presentation

1.) How do you feel about your presentation?

I felt that my personal project presentation went by quite well today. I managed to explain my goals, design specifications, AOI focus, supervisor meeting information and progress update information. However, I didn’t get to say what I wanted to say in the presentation due to the time limit of 2 minutes. In my opinion, in future presentations, students should be given at least 3 minutes to present, in order for the students to be able to elaborate and explain their ideas and project details efficiently.

2.) What have you been successful at so far with the personal project?

I think I have done well with organising my information and conveying it in a understandable and clear manner. I have formulated an action plan that I am following strictly, I update my process journal every time I took action pertain my personal project, and I organised my research/investigation in a table, that is both easy to understand for me and my supervisor/audience. I have also completed my first product as well, which is considered a good spot to be in, as students right now are expected to be in the creation process.

3.) What do you need to do between now and the beginning of term 2 to finish your product?

Between now, December 12th, 2012 until the beginning of term 2 on January 7th, I will continue working on the rest of my replica food model actual product. I may need to conduct additional research. I am also planning to start my personal project essay during Winter break, however I will need to talk to Ms. Alison, my personal project supervisor about what she thinks about that first before taking any action.