Unit 3: Atomic Structure and Bonding – Aspects of Chemistry

In this Chemistry unit, we studied about the models of the structure of the atom, it’s macroscopic physical properties, chemical bonding, balancing reactions, lewis dot diagrams, elements, compounds, metals and non-metals and molecules. We started learning about Chemistry since Grade 8 thus I was reminded about many things in this unit. I learned about how to balance reactions once again, which I find fun because it is somewhat similar to algebra. I learned how to draw Lewis Dot Diagrams as well as the difference between Ionic and Covalent bonds. Ionic/Covalent bonds and Lewis Dot Diagras are completely new topics to me.

Having studied Chemistry for a few weeks, I still want to know about the following questions: What are the hardest bond to break? and Other than Ionic and Covalent, are there other types of bonds? One thing I will remember from this unit are how to solve balancing reaction problems, because I enjoy doing them and find them interesting.

Unit 2: On the Move – Aspects of Physics

In Science term 2, we focused on Physics. We had inquired into acceleration, deceleration, speed time graphs, tension, collision, friction and Newton’s Laws. I had written an one world essay on anti-lock breaking systems (ABS) and my lab report was about:

The effect of change in surface are of plasticine (Circle, Flat Circle, Cylinder Flat Cylinder) on time it takes to reach the ground when dropped from a height of 3 meters as measured by a stopwatch (s)

Physics was a new area of Science to me, because I never really studied anything related to it until this year, therefore I learned a lot in this unit. What I still remember until today in relation to the Physics unit was Newton’s Laws of Motion:

  1. An object remains at rest unless a force is acting on it
  2. F = ma
  3. Every action has an equal and opposite re-action

Another thing I learned from this unit was the supporting force. I didn’t know that in order for something to stay where it is, there is often supporting force that is equal to the weight of the object. I also learned from doing my lab report with Baithong about the effect of surface area (size) when an object is dropped from a height. I felt that the lab report was a very fun activity to collaborate, interact and learn something new with a partner. I always enjoy working on lab reports compared to essays.

Even though I think we had studied quite a lot about Physics, I still wonder about How the world would be like without gravity? and Would humans be able to adapt to the world without gravity? One thing I will definitely remember will be the relationship between force and motion, because I found that most interesting.

Unit 1: Bugs and Babies – Aspects of Biology.

Science this year is separated into three parts; biology, physics and chemistry. Biology will be taught in the first term, physics in the second term and chemistry in the third term.

On term one in Biology we inquired into Microorganisms and Genetics. We had a lab report, an essay and a test. My lab report is on “How does the concentration of salt in agar affect the growth of bacteria?” and my essay is about GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).

From this unit what I learned and found very interesting is the structure of viruses; the capsule (head), and tail fibers. Another thing I learned from this unit are reproduction of bacteria and how to preserve food. I never knew the reason behind the fact that refrigerating food makes it stays fresh longer, or the reason behind putting food in cans.

After learning about microorganisms and genetics, I still want to know the background behind these topics. Who discovered the structure of viruses? and How did the discoverer  discover viruses? I think learning about the topic is important, but also learning about it’s founder would be interesting to know as well. From this unit, I will definitely remember the science behind food preservation. It was one of the topics that I remember distinctly even after about 9 months.