Unit Reflection

Unit 1 – Numbers

In this unit we focused on divisibility, sequence of patterns, radical, surds and worked on the Hand Shaking investigation. I was first introduced to this sequence formula:

This unit was from quite some time ago, so I couldn’t recall exactly how I felt, but I remembering having difficulties making sure my U1, U2 and U3 sequences were right. If I were to take this unit again I will make sure to memorize the formula and go through the sequences again.

Unit 2 – Discrete Maths and Vectors

Image Source: MagicalMaths.org

In our third unit, Statistics and Probability, we had covered numerous topics, including Venn Diagrams. Along with that, we also completed investigation assignments as well as summative assignments on various topics:

Venn Diagrams

Transformation of Graphs


I found Venn Diagrams very fun and interesting because it displays data and information in a logical manner. Venn Diagram also makes a lot of sense to me and isn’t easy to the point where it wasn’t challenging. Transformation of Graphs were also fun but didn’t appeal to me as much as Venn Diagrams. Currently we are learning about index laws and just had a test on March 6th, 2013.

Unit 3 – Statistics and Probability

 In this unit, we covered the following topics:

a) Experimental Probability
b) Probabilities from data
c) Representing combined events
d) Theoretical Probabilities
e) Compound Events
f) Using tree diagrams
g) Sampling with and without replacement
h) Mutually exclusive and non-mutually exclusive events
i) Venn diagrams and conditional probability

We were assigned many myimath assignments in this unit. I was reminded again on how to  complete tree diagrams of which I had learned with Mr. Rick last year in Grade 9. I really enjoyed learning about Compound Events; how events can be independent and can become simultaneous. I really enjoyed this topic mostly because I got to work with a lot of figures and drawings because it had helped display the question and probability. Sampling with and without replacement questions still confuse me a little, especially questions like “A cook selects an egg at random from a carton containing 7 ordinary eggs and 5 double-yolk eggs. She cracks the egg into a bowl and sees whether it has two yolks or not. She then selects another egg at random from the carton and checks it. 5 Let S represent “a single yolk egg” and D represent “a double yolk egg” a Draw a tree diagram to illustrate this sampling process. b What is the probability that both eggs had two yolks? c What is the probability that both eggs had only one yolk?“. I think this would be one of the things I have to make sure I am familiar with when I take the final exam.

Unit 4 – Algebra 

In the unit Algebra, we worked on Quadratic Equations, learnt about Sets, Axis of Symmetry and Vertex and Modeling with Exponential Functions. To be honest I didn’t really enjoyed this unit as much except for some algebra problems. However I nailed the pastal triangle formula questions on the test which I was happy about.